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dimanche, 19 août 2007

Alisa Maric

Retour de vacances en beauté avec l'interview exclusive de la championne serbe...


 Alisa Maric

(photo Open à Kavala en Grèce - 2007) 

2398 ELO

Championne de Yougoslavie à 16 ans

Grand Maître à 18 ans

3ème au Championnat du monde féminin en 2000 

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INTERVIEW carried out by Thierry for Internet site of the Lempdais Chess Club

Serbian WGM & IM Alisa Maric

Which is your preferred color?


Which is your preferred dish?

I have been in Paris many times and I found French kitchen very tasty.



What I like most is a variety of cheese that you have and a habit to serve it as a desert.

Which is your preferred drink?

Red wine in special and natural water in any other case.

Which is your preferred writer?


Albert Camus


Which is your book of bedside?





Which is your preferred film?

Old classics like “Gone with the Wind”



Which (which) is your acteur/actrice préféré(e)?

Gwyneth Paltrow



and George Clooney

What listenings you like music?

I prefer modern pop music

Which is your chanteur/groupe preferred?


Kylie Minogue



Robbie Williams

Which is your preferred painter?

Salvador Dali



Do you practise another activity that the chess?

I am university professor in marketing

Since when cheeks you with the chess?

Since age of 4, together with my twin sister Mirjana.

How did you learn how to play the chess?

Our father teaches us.

Which (which) is your (your) player () of chess preferred (e)?

Bobby Fisher



Which is your preferred chess book?

Chess informant books

Which is Internet site of chess that you frequent more?


In which club of chess cheeks you?

Women chess club Podgorica

What do you appreciate in the set of chess ?

Perfect logic

What do you say yourself when you lost a part of chess?

Tomorrow is a new game!

And when you gained?

I will win tomorrow again!

Which is your favorite part in the set of chess?




What can bring, according to you, the practice of the set of chess in your life of every day?

Self discipline, concentration, imagination…

And to finish, I let you conclude by a quotation, a thought, a wish...

Greetings to all my good chess friends in France!

Thank you, Alisa, to have devoted of your time to answer these questions... 

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